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Gavan Watson, PhD

Associate Director, eLearning,
Teaching Support Centre,
Western University.


What originally began as my personal blog has transformed over time as my own life has changed: when I started creating websites in 1996, I was an undergraduate student and today I am now a father, husband, educational developer & environmental educator. I’ve had the opportunity to write about creating an on-line presence in the context of academia and what originally started as personal blog has slowly transformed, like me, to become a website that also communicates my own professional & scholarly practice.


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Contact Information

address: 122 Weldon Library, Western University, London, Ontario N6A 3K7.
email: gavan.watson [add ampersand]
phone: +1-519-661-2111 x. 84612
twitter: @gavatron (opens in new window)

Research Interests

environmental education; teaching & learning in higher education; technology-enhanced learning, scholarship of teaching and learning; critical reflection; social media and the higher ed classroom; graduate student teaching development; scholarship of curriculum development; biodiversity education; environmental philosophy & ethics; non-formal (or free-choice) learning; animal-human relationships; perceptions of animals; natural history & naturalists; nature interpretation; birdwatching, birders & birds; actor-network theory; qualitative research methods