Research objects

Research objects

Morning serenade in Rondeau Provincial Park
Creative Commons License photo credit: Conrad Kuiper

The following are digital objects created from my dissertation research. I’m uploading them here so they can be investigated or manipulated as you see fit.

Birding Topology of Relations

File above, when downloaded and executed, will create a web page and folder. Open the .html file in a browser and explore a Flash rendering of the research’s topology of relations. Navigation is a simple as pointing and clicking. One click opens a tree and another click will close it.

Rondeau Research Map

Another executable file. It expands to a .kmz file, which is to be opened in Google Earth. The map consists of spatial data (tracks and points) and geotagged photographs taken while at Rondeau over the 10 day period that I conducted my research in 2008.

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