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  1. Hey,

    I’ve still be thinking about this since WEEC. Narrowing in on my research questions for my diss proposal, and thinking about the experiences of suffering, loss, and particularly, death as boundary-blurring pedagogical moments with ethical implications, i keep going back to Lewis’ speech and something we discussed afterward — is EE now just about learning how to live out our time here? Is it going to be about “dying well” or witnessing in some profound and meaningful way the end of so many life forms?

    I hope not. And I think you’re on point with the alternative, the disruption, and its sad that the disruption is now to say, “let’s keep going, let’s keep working” rather than “how much time is left?”…

    Of course, I’m still struggling to figure out how to be more political and vocal about these beliefs I hold. Where to go/what to do…

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