1. Dave Mac

    Have you looked at some of the thinner-tipped active pens coming out now? I don’t like the idea of the transparent disk – you can hear the constant, annoying clicking sound of the hard plastic on the iPad screen, even in the manufacturers’ own promo videos. But there are a couple of styli with thinner hard(ish) tips that really make a change from the squishy rubber things. I got a Hex3 Nota in February and it’s revolutionised my note-taking. It’s still not a pen-on-paper experience, but it is MUCH closer. You don’t need to zoom so much and write so big. I also saw the TruGlide Apex which must be similar.
    Worth looking at.

    • Hi Dave — you’re right. Versus the rubber tipped Hand stylus that I’ve mentioned in this post, the transparent disks do make more noise when writing. It really becomes an issue if you’re trying to record a lecture or someone speaking as you can clearly hear your stylus on glass in the recording.

      I’ve had a look at these smaller “nibbed” hard-tipped styli (mostly the Evernote / Adonit Jot Script) and my only real concerns with them has to do with the need for batteries (versus them being rechargeable; not really a big deal) and that I’ve heard that the “nib” recognition of these pens isn’t perfect (with the ink line appearing offset from where the pen is placed). Sound like you haven’t had these issues with the Hex3 Nota?

      • Dave Mac

        The Nota isn’t perfect and there are certainly some issues.
        Rechargeable would be nice to have (some kind of desktop holder) but consumtion is very low – after 4 months it’s still running on the first battery. An auto-off function would be a good addition though.
        The recognition is a potential problem, particularly diagonals. I read somewhere about the technical reasons for this. A simple work-around is to keep the stylus a little more vertical than a regular pen and not to write too quickly.
        The nibs aren’t eternal. They’re made of some kind of teflon I think and depending on usage sooner or later they soften. But I’m only on my second.
        BIG complaints about the Nota are: 1. NO CAP so no protection for the nib which seems crazy as that’s both the most crucial component and the most delicate and 2. NO CLIP which would stop it rolling around the desk and also let me keep in my breast pocket.
        Despite this, I’m a fan. I’m already mentally prepared to buy another new stylus in say a year’s time as I think there’s a big potential for them and I’m convinced that better, cheaper models will appear. There are so many note-taking apps and so many people using their iPads for writing. Steve Jobs hated the idea of the stylus and wanted iOS to be fingers only but I really think he was wrong on this one.

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