1. Dave Mac

    Just wondering, does Notability do handwriting recognition? When I was looking for my perfect note-taking app that was important for me – convert to text and paste somewhere else (email for example). Otherwise you’ll miss a part of your “paperless, fully searchable utopia”. Without conversion, handwritten notes aren’t very searchable. :-)
    I chose Notes Plus and the combination with a new thin-tip stylus has moved me a long way towards that utopia. Try their free INKredible to get a feel for their app and MyScript Memo (also free) from the people who make the conversion engine.

    • Hi Dave — nope, Notability doesn’t do handwriting recognition. Part of my workflow is to sync the PDFs that Notability creates via Dropbox into Evernote and let Evernote handle the handwriting recognition there. I am familiar with the iOS app 7notes that offers in-app handwriting recognition. I tried it out and found that I had to write letter. by. letter. in order for it to work; my handwriting seems to be too cursive for handwriting recognition to work in-app or by other means! So in short, no perfect solution yet to the handwriting to text “problem”.

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