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Our Geotagged Honeymoon

I do love to geotag the photographs that I take. But what to do with all that data once entered? iMapFlickr is a neat-o site that takes my geotagged photos (say, like the ones I took on Heather and I’s honeymoon) and places them in a google map. Brilliant part? You can embed the ensuing maps in all kinds of places, including a blog posting.

So I offer you, without further explanation, our geotagged honeymoon:


Flickr Statistics

I loves me some Flickr. I loves me some statistics. Well, perhaps love is too strong a word…needless to say I’m a fan of looking behind the curtain (()). So, for your viewing pleasure tonight, the top search terms from Yahoo Image Search that made their way to my photos:

Yahoo Image Search Hits

Long story short? If I didn’t have photographs of the F-22 Raptor, it would seem I wouldn’t be getting 42% of my hits. Yup. The F-22 kicks the rest of my photograph’s collective asses.

Border Terrier comes as an unsurprising number two. Who knew that Carpet Beetles (#4) had such a web following though? Looking a bit further down the list, Tibet makes some appearances. Speaks to how topical photographs can get views.