I have multiple intelligences, but not multiple personalities

I’ve known about the idea of multiple intelligences for a while. The idea being that we all learn in different ways isn’t that new and you might be familiar with the learning by seeing, hearing or doing. Howard Gardner expanded on these three and over the course of years, delineated eight distinct intelligences. Here’s a quick explanation of the differences between the eight.

I took a quiz on-line (different than on-line quizzes) the results of which I’ve summarized below:

My multiple intelligences

I don’t find it surprising that my highest score was the Naturalistic intelligence given my personal and academic interest in the more-than-human world. What is interesting are the listed skills or traits of a naturalistic intelligence that are echoed in my own experience:

  • noticing patterns
  • noticing things in the environment that others miss
  • have collections

What intelligence (or combination) are you?