Searching for Nikon Manuals

I’m picking up a second-hand SB-600 Speedlight from Jack this afternoon that’s missing the original manual. Nikon doesn’t make it that easy to get the manual and searching google for SB 600 Manual leads to a whole bunch of dead links. Here’s how I separated the wheat from the chaff:

On the Google homepage, select “advanced search” (just to the right of the search bar). You’ll get a page that resembles this:


Make sure that you select to only return PDF files in the search results (I’ve highlighted it above) and with “SB600 manual” entered as your search terms, you’re golden. This should work with any Nikon product, too. Keep in mind you might not want the first choice (especially if it is a Nikon-hosted file) as they’re often restricted right PDFs that don’t allow you to print.