1. You raise a very good point about how we change our relationship to animals. As someone who keeps domesticated animals, I find myself pondering various issues about the conditions of that captivity (free range vs factory and all the gradations in between), and also the consequences for our landscapes and relationships if we gave more freedom to animals.

    At present, the disconnect between what we eat and how it is raised, and the desire of many meat-eaters not to think about the lives of the animals they eat (really, you’d be surprised; or maybe not) seems to be a major factor in the industrialization of meat production (and perhaps all agricultural production) and the consequent decline in the living standards of most domesticated animals.

    The notion of “pets” and keeping cats indoors for various reasons is also related.

    Very complex questions that need to be raised even if we can’t come up with neat answers.

  2. Hey,

    I do wonder and fret I guess about the idea regarding fewer animals in our midst. As they are “domesticates,” I feel that does somewhat change the argument, only because where else are they to go? Taking them to a farm sanctuary would not be much different than their current condition would it? Its still not “freedom” in any sense, and at Riverdale are they being raised for food?

    These are animals that exist because of our interventions and our reproductive choices for them… disturbing as that can be. I’d be more for letting Riverdale Zoo or Farm or whatever it is just sort of fizzle out rather than completely getting rid of it now. No more new animals and let these animals live out their lives.

    Then again, that’s just off the top of my head.


  3. Thanks for the thoughts Jo & Josh. I guess it has something to do with responsibility; an acknowledgement that we are responsible for their well-being. I’m not quite sure where pets fit into this rubric. Their difference? They cross a public-private boundary. These farm animals are on display. Not sure if it should matter or not.

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