1. Jack

    This was all over the e-book blogs yesterday. Looks like a nice enough device, if they can get the DRM right. (Don’t hold your breath for DRM-free e-books, sadly. It’ll take a long time.)

    The iRex iLiad (stupid iWannabe name) already does annotation and wi-fi. It just costs too much and can’t handle ePub.

  2. @ Jack

    That iLiad looks nice and the ability to annotate is sweet, but you’re right: at $699 US, you begin to enter into laptop territory.

    Oh, and it’s interesting to note that the iRex website is horrible at outlining just what the difference is between the iLiad “2nd edition” and the “book edition” (other than price).

  3. Jack

    The “book edition” omits the wi-fi.

    Most e-book manufacturers have pretty lousy marketing abilities. I mean, there’s one out there called the Astak. Pronounced Ass-tack. Who green-lighted that one?

    It might be three more generations before you’d use at a price you’d pay. Heck, my Sony reader is essentially a paperweight at this point. Good thing I didn’t spend money on it. Though I may bust it out this fall so that I can have some compact reading on my travels. If I can ever find that &@#$(&$#*( AC adapter.

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