1. Scott

    Interesting. @CourseLink is primarily for getting the word out about being responsive if people tweet @CourseLink or #CourseLink and being able to get the word out about any problems we might be experiencing and resolutions to those problems in as many communication paths as possible. Occassionally we retweet something from the community as well.
    I think ‘institutional accounts’ need to tweet within their context or risk either being moot for lack of interesting tweets, or becoming just another Twitter noise that needs to get filtered.

    • I think you’re right about context. It I also think that it’s okay for institutional accounts to take on a more “professional” tone with their tweets and conversations but there still are “best practices” in the medium that ought to be followed.

  2. Good post. I encountered it after it was re-tweeted by Morgan Jackson. I recently started tweeting for our institution – The Canadian Field-Naturalist, which is a non-profit scientific journal about Canadian nature. I see tweeting as a way to distinguish our journal from the others, in a way that drives home the brand we’re trying to build. Most journals are run by mega-publishers with stiff reputations. We’re run by volunteers who genuinely love science and nature. I’m trying to get our tweets to reflect this. Feel free to follow us @CanFieldNat

    • Interesting thoughts Jay. As I was biking home and thinking about this, the term “authentic voice” entered my head. By this I mean that, regardless of medium, you’ve got to sound real and like yourself. The institutional accounts I mention above certainly don’t have a distinct voice (or if they do, they’re robotic).

      In the case of the journal I’d say your approach to Twitter makes sense–you’re differentiating yourself from those “mega-publishers” and putting a real person (with an authentic voice) behind the larger publication.

      Enjoy reading the journal, by the way.

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