1. I really like the styling here (what program is this??) not to mention it seems you have a very concise and thoughtful presentation… though its hard to know what you’re saying in some parts (i.e., changing cultures of learning) without your narration. Still, I bet you knocked their socks off! Good luck!

    • Thanks Josh. The program is Prezi; I especially like it for its non-linear form. Its an effect that can be over-used (spinning to make you nauseous), but you can design it so your format augments your message.

      Regarding direction #2, I was outlining a divergence inside and outside academia for what counts as truth and the ways that is proven. Inside academia, we have essays with specific styles and citation rules to uphold academic integrity. While outside academia, students are consuming cultural objects that are mash-ups and remixes; with, for example, no specific form of attribution. I was suggesting that this is a widening gap and to foster deep learning, we need to (attempt to) start bridging it. Does it make more sense now?

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