Introducing Lonán Peter William Watson

Well, I’m happy to officially announce that after 291 days in development (and 11 days past his due date), Lonán Peter William Watson made his grand extra-uterine debut last night, May 28, 2011, arriving at 10:30 pm and weighing in at 8 lbs. 5 oz. As you would expect, Heather and I couldn’t be full of more excitement or more pleased with his arrival.

Labour was long, and tough at times. Heather worked though it like I know someone with her strength would.

Heather has already decided that he has my ears.

The meaning of Lonán is Blackbird


It's all about me

I out-Gandhi Ghandhi and pretty much every other world leader that has ever made an impact

No political leader, either historically or currently, seems to be as left and libertarian as me. I guess there goes my future in politics…

Thanks to The Political Compass.