1. Dylan

    Yeah, seriously now… it’s not like we’re suddenly getting aggressive Sydney Funnel-Web spiders. The tips on where the Black Widows are most likely to be found and facts about their venom are far more helpful than a pile of alarmist language. Thank you!

  2. Paul

    Yeah, be thankful you’re not living in suburban Sydney (Australia). There have been norther black widows in Ontario for years. People just need to be careful around woodpiles, stone piles, outhouses, etc. Just don’t stick your hands in without looking first.

  3. Thanks for the facts. I saw this video on Youtube where this teenager gets bitten by a black widow in his sock. I’ve been freaking out for years now. I admit, I’m a nervous wreck. I always check where I step. And I mean ALWAYS. I decided it had to stop. I have been living for YEARS now and never had an encounter and mercy God, I never will. So I chilled down about 50%. But I had 50 percent of fright remaining. So I decided to Google it. Did I have to be worried about the black widow? Thank the lord, NO!!! It turns out that the spider only bites for self defense. Yes, I’ve already known that. But I am not a guy that is actually fit for tracking things. I have HORRIBLE memory, lol! But it’s just that I forgot that fact over the years. Mostly everybody I know so far has been living for a long time. So anyways, thanks dude! You the best!

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