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Ah, the cat bib.

Cat BibI’m not sure if it is a well-kept secret or not, but I have a certain distaste for cats, likely originating when I was two and family friend’s Siamese cat crawled up my back as I was singing Happy Birthday. A distressing event.

I’ve never really warmed up to them for many reasons including:

  • the aforementioned Siamese birthday incident
  • the fact that they shit in a box in your house
  • they shit in a box and then cat owners let them walk on kitchen counter-tops, dining room tables
  • the fact that they’ll also shit in sandboxes & garden beds
  • cat parasites affect our personality
  • they’re an ecological disaster killing millions of native birds, herptiles & other small wildlife every year

The best solution for the last point is to keep you cat indoors (sorry about the kitty-litter thing though). Some (unreasonable) people seem to believe that their cat needs to be outside. Luckily, there seems to be something of a solution for those outdoor cats: The CatBib (pictured above).

Link: The CatBib Stops Cats from Catching Birds!

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