Family matters

Ollie & siblings at 8 weeks, originally uploaded by Gavatron.

Heather, Ollie and myself had a great little experience this morning–we met (Heather & Ollie for a second time and me for the first) Fozby, one of Ollie’s litter-mates (or, as Max, Fozby’s alpha-male, refers to the two of ’em: “the Beavertown Boys”).

The two brothers hit it off instantly and spent the next twenty minutes playing. It was also fun comparing notes with Fozby’s owners (Fozby is as vocal as Ollie; loves to snuggle in bed in the morning; has a thing for tennis balls; “leaks” when he is excited). It was just a blast watching them.

Ollie on his new grass bed

Ollie on his new grass bed

Ollie on his new grass bed,
originally uploaded by Gavatron.

This is Ollie’s new grass bed. He loves it.

It’s a dishpan that I drilled full of holes in the base, added soil and some shade-loving grass seed. Add a little water, and a few days later (4 days), you see the results above.

I made it on a lark, hoping that Ollie would like it. Seems like he does. Heather showed it to him this afternoon, and after we came home from the dog park, Ollie crashed in it. Fun!

Woofstock 2006

I went to Woofstock with Heather, Ollie, Dad and Sue today. It would be an understatement to say it was an experience. Ollie had a blast-so many dogs to meet. It also seemed like Heather really enjoyed herself. Highlight of the day? Doggie Ice Cream. Who knows what the stuff is made of, but the sight of a dozen dogs enjoying the creme glace is too much to handle.

Click on the image above to see all the photos I took of the event.