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Magnum Moving, Toronto: Heather’s Moving Experience from H-E-Double Hockey Sticks

If you’re considering a moving company, let me suggest that you do all that you can to avoid Magnum Moving: this story isn’t over yet, but we’ve experienced nothing but poor service, misrepresentation and over-charging by the company. At the moment, Heather has been charged over $700 for a move that was quoted to cost $177 + GST. If things aren’t cleared up, there’s no doubt we’ll be going to small claims court. Fun!

List Moving Red Flags

Moving Company Red Flags

Based on personal experience, if you’re in the process of looking for a moving company, here are some red flags that should act as a warning.

Early warning signs:
1. No one answers a phone call
2. No one returns phone messages
3. No address provided in the Yellow Pages Ad (or elsewhere)

“It’s hopefully not too late to bail” warning signs:
1. No call the preceeding week by the company confirming moving date and time

“You’re already fucked, but here you go anyways” warning signs:
1. No company logo or name on side of truck
2. You don’t get a copy of the contract that you’ve signed
3. Moving company workers dressed in “street clothes”; no uniforms
4. Moving company mover asks for tip in cash