Home from Nova Scotia

Fishers and some spray

Fishers and some spray,
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I got home last night from EECOM 06 & Nova Scotia. I was there presenting a paper / workshop with Dad. Nova Scotia was gorgeous in all it’s maritime rustic glory.

The conference itself was meh (I mean our presentation was outstanding, of course) as far as intellectual stimulation, but was great for the chance to get out of Ontario for a couple of days.

We arrived late Wednesday night so that we could join a pre-conference trip to St. Catherine’s River & the seaside adjunct of Kejimkujik National Park. The day was fantastic (sunny & warm) and we got a chance to walk along the Atlantic Ocean. What was not to like?

AAG 2006: Success

So my first trip to the American Association of Geographer’s Annual Conference went off without a hitch. We left on Tuesday and got back early Sunday morning. I presented a post-structual analysis of a recent sighting of a Barn Owl on the Ontbirds listserv. It brought down the house.

We did get some weirdo show up to our panel and ask us if our work “counted” as geography. It was a funny question as for part of the preceeding week, I was wondering out-loud if I could really consider myself a geographer–I don’t. However, there has been more work done in recent years on Animal Geography and our panel fits right into that work. So perhaps I need to add Animal Geographer to the Environmental Educator and Environmental Philosopher behind my name. Or not.