Saw an XBox 360 today

I was at a Future Shop today picking up some pictures (the first time I’ve had Future Shop print my digi pics, BTW) and I came across a XBox 360 at the store.  I just saw it in passing (wowzas, but don’t buy one until you have an HDTV), but the best thing about the whole experience were the three uber-geeks that were glued to the thing for the duration of my visit.

These guys were about as stereotypical as you could get for gaming nerds: long stringy hair, baseball caps, chubby, unkempt facial hair. I can only imagine how many of these guys are coming out of the woodwork to come and gawk at the 360. Not quite the viral marketing that Microsoft had in mind, me thinks.

Happier with the site design

So, I’ve managed to get my head around PHP and WordPress enough that I have a site design that I’m pretty happy with.  I especially like the sidebar information and it’s ability to update without too much work.  Much more interactive!

Living situation changing

So, through a domino effect, it looks like Katie is going to be moving in with Lee within the next four months. This means for me, at the very least, my current living situation will be changing. Right now, there seems to be quite a bit up in the air (dates, where they’ll be moving, what I’m going to do…) but given the fact that this news is pretty new, these things should be cleared up in the coming days.

Update: Looks like February 1st is the move-out day.

Metapost: Tinkering

I’ve just added a “status” section to the sidebar. Right now, it’s adding recently listened-to music. We’ll see what else gets added.

In a perfect world, I would like to have a three column set-up for the page, with my personal status information on the left, posts in the middle and the blog stuff on the right. I’m no PHP or CSS expert, so I’ll guess I’ll have to settle on this comprimise as I tinker around.

Work in Progress

It’s been a while since I’ve had something more than an image on my website–I’m attempting to change that here with this new blog. However, you’re dealing with a work in progress here. Patience is essential.