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The PSA, the compact and me (on parental leave)

I’m a little hot under the collar this morning. The University of Guelph Professional Staff Association (PSA) has just negotiated a new compact with the University. We’ve been without an agreement since May 1, 2010. A meeting, to share and then ratify the agreement, is scheduled for January 17th at 11am. I am, however, on parental leave. And, from an email I received earlier today, there are no accommodations for those PSA members who can’t, for whatever reason, make the meeting:

You will need to attend the meeting to hear the major points of the new Compact and to vote. Unfortunately there will be no proxy voting.


So now, to have the opportunity to hear about the new compact and vote on it, I’ll first have to decide that I want to take the time to come to the University while the primary care-giver to my son. I’m not the only other PSA member on parental leave and, if true, this is a somewhat surprising lack of accommodation for those PSA members who are off on leave.

That being said, the PSA constitution and by-laws does list (Article IV, rule #6) that “there shall be no voting by proxy at either General or Annual Meetings of the PSA”. Since this is the case, I’m left wondering how the PSA will support me being able to come to the meeting to vote. Given the by-law on meetings, I would expect that there are plans and support in place to allow as many members to take part in the ratification vote as possible.

We shall see.

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