1. This was an excellent solution. When working with a Mac, I used Parallels to run windows and installed Evernote on the virtual machine (in addition to having the native mac version running as well). This allowed the evernote version in windows to sync the dropbox folder, which was subsequently sync’d with the mac version.

  2. Kris

    You can also achieve this using IF (if this then that) from any platform. I do it straight from the iPad, using a recipe that imports notes from a dropbox folder and inserts them into evernote, cutting out the windows step and happening pretty much instantly.

    It reads from a predefined folder and can tag the note then put it into the correct folder.



  3. Nathaniel Comfort

    Kris, does your IFTT recipe create a note containing the pdf, or a note containing a *link* to the pdf? I figured out how to do the former, but I want the latter. I wish Notability would just sync with/export to Evernote directly!

  4. David Low

    I’m using Evernote on a Mac and have set up import folders
    It’s using the Mac OS folder actions triggering an Applescript

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