Silver Maple

9-story silver mapleAs reported in The Toronto Star ((And incorrectly identified as an Oak)), a large Silver Maple that was growing just to the south of our apartment building was cut down during the day on Thursday. I returned home at 12 to the sound of chainsaws and the majority of the limbs removed from the tree. I took some photographs of the rest of the felling from our apartment balcony.

Having a look at the trunk cookies now sitting on the ground, there wasn’t anything wrong with the tree. It had lost one limb and there was some rotting of the heartwood there, but this was not widespread and wasn’t at risk of weakening the tree to the point of causing it to fall. That’s just my humble opinion.

Word around the neighbourhood was the city hadn’t issued a permit, now The Star is reporting that it had, in fact, done so. Disappointing if that is the case. Disappointing that it had to be cut down.