1. Nathan

    I’m trying to work out the “questions in class” option, and I’m having trouble with echofon. I get push notifications from my iTouch, but not when I send an @mention from my laptop. Is this limited to people with iPod/Phone, to people on mobile devices, or do I have a setting wrong?

    I don’t have any TAs, so I need it to chirp at me.

    • Hi Nathan. I got @mentions with echofon pushed to the iPhone from any originating source. The push options are listed in the iOS app under Menu > Account Options > Push Notifications. When I set up a new Twitter account for the classroom, I set up a new account and know that I had to play with some of the options. If you have the echofon extension installed in Firefox, you might want to see if playing with the Sync with Desktop does anything. Good Luck!

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