AMO contact lens solution: When consumer recalls suck (more than usual)

So, on Friday (convenient, non?), AMO (Advanced Medical Optics, Inc.) announced a “Voluntary Recall of Complete(R) MoisturePlus(TM) Multipurpose Solution” because, long story short, people using this contact lens solution are at a seven times greater risk to contract an Acanthamoeba eye infection (which can lead to this). Why do I care? Well, not only because this is the contact lens solution that Heather and I use, but I just went out last week and bought a new supply, now proudly pictured below:

Got amoeba?

So, now I have to throw out the solution, our contact lenses and lens cases. Especially problematic is the recall information is distinctly Amero-centric. The recall press release information offers no info for Canadian consumers. There is no Canadian AMO website (just contact information). When I called the 888 number (1-888-899-9183) associated with the recall to get a return kit, I could only leave an US address. I tried leaving my Canadian info, exchanging province for state and postal code for zip. We’ll see if I get anything in the mail. There is an 866 number (1-866-863-3873) on the Canadian packaging, but as I tried it this morning, I got a busy signal. I tried calling it this afternoon and no one answered (again, the bottle suggest hours are 8:30-4:30 EST).

Uh, when will companies clue in that in situations like these they need to have (and no puns are intended here) clear instructions (i.e. Canadians call this number) & transparent policies (i.e. we will refund what you spent on solution) when they’re in the position of a recall?

Update (5-31-07): Based on the information I got at the phone number Mike (thanks) provided below, Heather and I brought all the bottles to the local Shopper’s Drug Mart. Because we didn’t have receipts, we exchanged our bottles for store credit, which we used to buy new solution. Heather, after speaking with her Optometrist, suggested we get Opti-free Express as a replacement (YMMV). And that’s where we stand with that.


  1. Thanks Mike. Just called it. It\’s a Canadian number. (Good.)

    A recorded message that says: Return or exchange the unused at store that you purchased. (Do you need receipt?) They also say that merchants will receive, by June 6th, a kit from AMO that outlines how to return the product (Does this mean retailers will not accept returns / exchanges until they receive this kit?). The voice on the recorded message also says that there will be live operators to answer questions \”in the coming days,\” otherwise, leave your message at the tone…

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