1. amridley

    Making radio (i.e. podcasts etc.) is an excellent way for students to explore ideas and to create their own reflections. As good IMHO as a written essay. I’ve used podcasts and live radio in both undergraduate and graduate classes with almost uniform success.

    A few additions to your excellent overview.

    Take advantage of your local campus/community radio station. They are an excellent resource and are often very eager to engage with the academic community. Plus, and this is a huge plus, they have great studios which you can book. The support I’ve had from CFRU in Guelph has been wonderful.

    One of the aspects that radio (for me podcasts are just a variant of “radio”) brings to students is a focus on narrative or storytelling. You write for radio differently than you write for print. And as a result students become more aware of the nature of narrative and how to make it effective.

    Lastly I would emphasize listening as a critical act. Listening to radio is an immersive, imaginative experience (in the same way reading is). By using radio as an assignment students learn to listen in a new and critical way. For many it is a revelation.

    Bottom line for me? Make radio. Too much fun and pedagogically rewarding.

    Cheers, Mike Ridley

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